INVE BELGIUM NV, based in Baasrode, was one of the first subsidiaries of the INVE group, founded in the mid-eighties. Since February 2009, however, INVE Belgium has stood on its own two feet through a management buy-out. Among other things, INVE BELGIUM offers piglets (pre-)starters, concentrates, premixes, additives and a number of nutritional ingredients. All these products characterize themselves as nutritionally high-quality specialties adapted to the specific needs of the customer. More information about our products can be found on the product info page.

Research and development

INVE BELGIUM has its own R&D team for research and development. In addition, INVE BELGIUM cooperates closely with various research institutes and universities for the development of new products and concepts. INVE BELGIUM also has several pilot companies where new developments can be tested under practical conditions. In this way, INVE BELGIUM can always advise the customer on the latest developments in the animal feed sector. More information about the tests carried out by INVE BELGIUM can be found on the animal testing page.


However, INVE BELGIUM is not limited to the supply of these products, but also offers the customer a comprehensive service: from nutritional advice, veterinary support, analyses of raw materials and feeds to advice on environmental regulations. INVE BELGIUM NV has an enthusiastic team of engineers and veterinarians with a lot of knowledge and experience.