Inve Dry Cow


Mineral complementary feed for cattle.

INVE Dry Cow is  developed to prevent problems around calving and during the start of lactation (such as inflammation of the uterus, kalfsziekte and mastitis). INVE Dry Cow supports smooth calving and lactation.

    INVE Dry Cow contains:

    To prevent milk fever:

    • Natural zeolite: binds cations such as potassium and calcium and stimulate Ca-metabolism.
    • High dose of easily absorbable magnesium from different sources
    • High vitamin D3 dose (involved in Ca and P metabolism)


    To prevent metritis (inflammation of the uterus) and mastitis:

    High vitamin E dose (antioxidant, effect on the immune system):

    • The role of vitamin E in the prevention of mastitis has already been clearly demonstrated

    Combination of organic and inorganic selenium:

    • Selenium, like vitamin E plays an antioxidant role and has an effect on the immune system. Selenium supplementation can reduce the incidence and duration of mastitis and metritis.

    Combination of organic and inorganic zinc:

    • Zinc has a positive effect on epithelial tissue, as well as on cells inside teats and the reproductive system. In this way, zinc reduces the infiltration of pathogens and therefore also the risk of the appearance of problems such as mastitis and metritis

    To prevent liver disease:

    • Niacin: plays a role in energy metabolism; animals in the negative energy balance appear to have increased niacin requirements
    • Biotin: is a cofactor for a variety of enzymes involved in various metabolic processes, stimulates glucose forming
    • Cholin: decreases the accumulation of fat in the liver