Complementary feed for sows


250 g/sow/day:

  • from 7 days before to 5 days after farrowing
  • during 3 weeks before farrowing
  • from 5 days before weaning to insemination

125 g/sow/day as a general complementary feed supplement for sows:

INVE-WORP can be applied as a course of treatment of vitamins and trace-elements:

  • for sows with low feed intake
  • for prevention of leg-problems
  • to support the general health of the sows.

INVE Worp facilitates birth-process due to its (1) laxative properties, (2) energy content – provided from fats and sugars (both directly digestible and slow-release sources of glucose) – and (3) high and more bioavailable calcium content. Feeding INVE Worp results in heavier and more vital piglets due to its fat sources that have a positive effect on birthweight, extra vitamins and extra choline.

INVE Worp supplementation supports the milk production: (1) through better Ca-supply, (2) more digestible phosphorus from different sources and (3) better energy-supply from a combination of glucose, fat and betaine.