ZOOM is a new product range of piglet pre-starter feeds produced by INVE Belgium.
In 2012 INVE Belgium invested in a new production line specially developed for pre-starters. Due to an innovative process, high quality pre-starter feeds for young piglets can be guaranteed.

The different prestarters from the ZOOM range are developed with respect to meet the specific animal requirements and to maximise feed intake:

  • ZOOM products contain high quality raw materials, specifically selected on the basis of digestibility, palatability, granulometry and heat treatment.
  • Because of a totally separated production line, the cross contamination risk between products is minimised and products such as blood plasma and fish oil can be used in formulations.
  • In terms of composition the ZOOM product range is very coherent, so that transition between feeds runs very easily.

The ZOOM pre-starter product range includes:

    is a balanced plasma containing feed
    is developed for the farrowing house and in early weaning, 100% plant based
    is extremely palatable, stimulates feed intake in the farrowing house and in early weaning
  • ZOOM M&K
    is a pre-starter developed to teach piglets to eat solid feed by the sow
    focus on safety around weaning

The ZOOM-MOBIEL is a full automatic mobile feed mixer.

ZOOM pre-starters are available in 4 different product forms:

  • mash
  • pellet
  • strucs (micro-pellet)
  • mixture of strucs/mash


Learn to eat

In the farrowing house piglets start eating faster when the pre-starter diet is in mash form, because it can easily stick to the nose of the piglets. During the first days this feed should be provided on the floorpanel and after that in the feeders, so that piglets can become familiar with the taste of the pre-starter feed. It contains the right combination of sugars which stimulate feed intake.

ZOOM pre-starters in mash form can be fed in dry and wet form.


Soft, fine pellets for high feed intake

The Zoom pellets are very fine and soft, but still dust-free. Naar analogie met gespeende biggen, eten biggen in de kraamstal meer prestarter in korrelvorm dan in meelvorm.


A new and unique product form

Strucs are small, soft, dust-free micro pellets. This product form results in the highest feed consumption in piglets of all ages. Strucs are easy to mix to weaning diets, which results in smooth shifts between feeding phases.

The ZOOM pre-starters in strucs form can be fed in dry and wet form.


The best combination

ZOOM prestarters in mash/pellet form combines the advantages of both product forms:

  • MASH: feed intake of solid feed starts smoothly, piglets learn to eat
  • PELLET: as piglets start to eat, they can consume higher amounts in pellet form

This pre-starter feed form is most suitable to use in the farrowing house.

ZOOM provides farm-specific solutions for your piglets.

For the best start after weaning, follow the START TO ZOOM scheme for the nursery.

For a basic feeding scheme starting at the farrowing house, follow the Start to Zoom scheme for the farrowing house.

For more information contact your INVE technical sales representative.


Visit the ZOOM lab:

Find out more about solubility, liquid feed stability, viscosity, fluidity and durability of the ZOOM products in this short video below: